Instant medical and isolation structures for emergency situations.

The WHS Rapidly Deployable Shelter™ enables medical professionals to quickly deploy a modular medical facility that is clean, negatively-pressured with UV and HEPA filtration, and solar-powered, allowing it to operate independently and immediately.

Structures are lightweight, incredibly easy to assemble, modular and infinitely expandable. They can be deployed nearly anywhere, including over uneven grades, and are exceptionally strong, able to withstand up to category 4 hurricane-force winds.



WHS has a track record of delivering medical platforms during a disaster that have the ability to stay, long after the emergency response and become part of the medical public health infrastructure.


WHS has an active manufacturing line ready to fill orders for solutions as small as 15-bed to as large as 200-bed medical surge facilities.


WHS manufactures Rapid to Deploy Structures (RDS) that can be moved and used again. That means no more filling landfills with canvas after every disaster.


WHS buildings have an HVAC system that uses HEPA and germicidal UV filtration to over or under pressure the space for isolation or containment.


WHS buildings have space to work in without having to cram everything into an 8-foot container. The space can be pressurized, sterilized, and equipped the same way you would equip any brick and mortar building.


This pandemic is funding a lot of assets for procurement. WHS manufactures assets that will also be ready for the next disaster.

I have encountered and worked with hundreds of vendors who supply temporary shelters for emergency and sustained operations.  These types of systems were not only ideal for military use in remote locations, but they serve as excellent systems for today’s fight against the Coronavirus …

– James Lockridge (LTC Army Retired)
Former Chief of Construction for U.S. Army Europe

Capture, S.T.A.G.E.™, Reuse x

S.T.A.G.E.™ stands for Separating, Transmission, As Gestation, Evolves

  • Captures
  • Separating Transmission
  • Gestation
  • Evolves
  • Reuse
Capture: travel to centrally located areas where the handicap accessible unit performs the diagnostic testing needed to identify the infected individuals. The patient data is collected on a HIPPA compliant E.H.R that is easily linked to any local hospital. The patient can be notified by phone with test results.
S.T.A.G.E.™ stands for Separating, Transmission, As Gestation, Evolves: The first step after testing when a patient needs to be isolated, and home is not an option, we deliver ISO-7, a stand alone building with seven negatively pressurized rooms that provide accommodation for people who may be held in an airport or whenever traditional holding areas are past capacity.
S.T.A.G.E.™ stands for Separating, Transmission, As Gestation, Evolves: In the second step – Gestation – a negative case goes on their way. A positive case with few symptoms can stay in the ISO-7 facility. If they need minor medical services they can be moved to the EMEDS-15 Recovery Ward.
S.T.A.G.E.™ stands for Separating, Transmission, As Gestation, Evolves: In the third step – Evolves -as the virus intensifies in some patients, they may actually need ICU care and observation. In this case the person moves into the 10-bed ICU with procedure room. This facility has a sterile processing room and nurses’ station with pharmacy stores.
REUSE: Finally, this, like all medical surge events will pass. However, the WHS buildings can be washed down with bleach, disassembled, and flat-packed for the next medical surge event.

Expeditionary Medical Support System

Our Vision:

Integrating best-in-class materials, design capabilities, technologies, and professionals to make it all work. WHS delivers 21st century solutions, that reduce long term costs and provides better working environments. All of this is delivered in a way that is more affordable, easily sustainable, and has expanded capabilities for the health care responders whom literally hold lives in their care.

Our Mission:

To consistently exceed expectations in the design, manufacture, and delivery of the world’s best expeditionary medical support systems – reducing suffering and saving lives.

Add WHS Rapidly Deployable Shelters™ to your pandemic emergency medical plans.